Graphite rotor anti-oxidation coating can reduce the production cost of enterprises

Graphite rotor anti-oxidation coating can reduce the production cost of enterprises

The graphite rotor is part of the aluminum alloy melting supporting equipment. Hydrogen and oxidation residue will be produced during the aluminum alloy melting process, which should be purified and removed by a refining deaerator. The graphite rotor is one of the indispensable accessories for refining deaerators.

The purification process of liquid aluminum alloy is the main means to improve the comprehensive performance of aluminum alloy. In the purification process, the purification gas and solvent are mixed, and the graphite rotor is blown into the aluminum melt for purification.

The graphite rotor works by which a rotating rotor breaks the nitrogen (or argon) blown into the aluminum melt into a large number of dispersed bubbles that are dispersed in the molten metal. In the melt, the bubble uses the principle of gas partial pressure difference and surface adsorption to absorb the hydrogen in the melt, adsorb the oxidized waste residue, and be brought out of the melt surface as the bubble rises, so that the melt is purified. Due to the fine dispersion of the bubbles, they are evenly mixed with the rotating melt, and then slowly float up in a spiral shape, and the contact time with the melt is long, and the air flow generated by continuous straight rise will not be formed, thereby removing the harmful hydrogen in the aluminum melt, and the purification effect is significantly improved.





The graphite rotor rotating nozzle adopts high-purity graphite, and the temperature of aluminum liquid is generally about 1400. If the surface of the graphite rotor is not treated with an oxidation coating, the oxidation rate is very fast at such a high temperature. Qingdao Sanlian Graphite Products Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise specializing in carbon graphite processing, the company's products are graphite cold iron, graphite rotor, graphite box, graphite heating element, graphite connecting plate, graphite plate, graphite screw, graphite heating tube, graphite mold, graphite flakes, etc. Over the years, under the actual working conditions of oxidation resistance of graphite and surface porous materials in high temperature environment, the company has accumulated rich experience in oxidation resistance of graphite and surface porous materials, and learned from the shortcomings of previous high-temperature anti-oxidation coatings in graphite and surface porous materials in oxidation resistance.

This paper introduces a high-temperature coating that prevents the oxidation of graphite or surface porous materials - ZS-1021 graphite high-temperature oxidation resistant coating. The coating is acidified and synthesized under high temperature and pressure, and the temperature resistance can reach 2600. The coating has good curing effect, dense coating, physical adhesion and chemical bridging effect between graphite and porous materials, and matrix to form an integrated structure, good adhesion, smooth, full, dense coating, with good self-cleaning and anti-stick performance. It has good self-healing and repair ability for thermal expansion and cold contraction, resistance to erosion and penetration of slag and high-temperature impurities, antioxidant diffusion rate of more than 96%, and long service life of high-temperature oxidation and oxidation of materials.