Graphite cold iron manufacturers: common problems and uses of graphite electrodes

 Graphite cold iron manufacturers: What are the problems that need to be paid attention to when using graphite electrodes?

1. The wet and cold graphite electrode must be dried before application.

2. Make sure that the graphite electrode hole removes the maintenance cover of plastic foam, and check whether the screws of the electrode hole are detailed.

3. Remove with air compression without oil and water to ensure the screws on the surface and hole of the graphite electrode; Prevent removal with stainless steel wire mass or metal coated sandpaper.

4. Carefully fasten the connector to the wall of the electrode hole at the end of the graphite electrode to avoid hitting the external thread.

5. Screw the electrode suspension tool into the electrode hole wall at the other end of the spare electrode.

6. When hoisting the electrode, lay cotton soft material under one end of the connecting head for the installation of the spare electrode to avoid damage caused by the road surface contacting the connector; Please put the crane hook into the hook of the spreader for lifting to stabilize the lifting electrode to avoid loosening or colliding with other positioning devices from the B end.

7. Hang the spare electrode on the bonded electrode, face the electrode hole and gradually fall; Rotate the spare electrode so that the screw crane hook rotates and descends with the electrode; When the inner hole distance between the two electrodes is 10-20mm, the exposed part of the two inner holes of the electrode and the connecting head is removed again by air compression; When the electrode is finally fully distributed, do not bump with force, as strong impact will damage the electrode hole and the external thread of the connector.

8. Twist the spare electrode with a torque wrench and wait for the inner holes of the two electrodes to be in close contact and disconnected.



Graphite cold iron manufacturers: what are the main uses of graphite electrodes?

1. Used in electro-isolated steelmaking furnace

Graphite electrode is very important for electric furnace steelmaking, electric furnace steelmaking uses graphite electrode to the furnace to introduce current, strong current in the level through steam to generate arc discharge, the use of arc generated heat to carry out smelters, according to the size of the heating furnace volume, applicable to different diameters of graphite electric grades, in order to continue to apply the electric level, the middle of the electric grade of the electric grade of the external thread connector connection, ironmaking graphite electrode accounts for about 70 ~ 80% of the total use of graphite electrode.

2. Used in mine heat heating furnace

Graphite electrode ore thermal heating furnace for the manufacture of non-ferrous metals, pure silicon, yellow phosphorus, ice copper, calcium carbide, etc. is very important, its characteristics are conductive electrical grade embedded in the furnace waste, in addition to the heat generated by the arc between the circuit board and the furnace waste, the current is also in the furnace waste flowing into the resistor of the furnace waste 1 ton of silicon requires about 150 kg of graphite electrode, 1 ton of yellow phosphorus needs about 40 kg of graphite electrode.

3. Used in electric heating furnace

Graphite furnace manufacturing of graphite products, laminated glass melting furnace, carbon-carbon composite heating furnace, etc. are electric heating furnaces, the raw materials in the furnace are both heating resistors, but also heating targets, in general, conductive graphite electrodes are inserted into the furnace wall at the front end of the furnace bed, so conductive electrodes will not continue to consume, in addition, many graphite electrode embryos are also produced and processed into a variety of pliers pots, graphite boats, hot die-casting molds, vacuum electric furnace heaters and other special-shaped goods, used in the field of quartz glass tubes.

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