Application of graphite rotor in industrial production

  Application of graphite rotor in industrial production

  The purification process of liquid aluminum alloy is the main means to improve the comprehensive performance of aluminum alloy. In the purification process, the purified gas is mixed with the solvent, and the method of purifying the aluminum melt by rotating blowing the graphite rotor is the most advanced treatment method in the world.

  The graphite rotor works by which a rotating rotor breaks the nitrogen (or argon) blown into the aluminum melt into a large number of dispersed bubbles that are dispersed in the molten metal. In the melt, the bubble uses the principle of gas partial pressure difference and surface adsorption to absorb the hydrogen in the melt, adsorb the oxidation slag, and be brought out of the melt surface as the bubble rises, so that the melt is purified. Due to the fine dispersion of the bubbles, they are evenly mixed with the rotating melt, and then slowly float up in a spiral shape, and the contact time with the melt is long, and the air flow generated by continuous straight rise will not be formed, thereby removing the harmful hydrogen in the aluminum melt, and the purification effect is significantly improved.

  The graphite rotor rotary nozzle is made of high-purity graphite with a special anti-oxidation treatment on the surface. Its service life is about 3 times that of ordinary products. Widely used in aluminum alloy casting industry, in aluminum plate and aluminum foil casting, aluminum alloy wheel and other aluminum processing industry service life up to 2 months.





 1. The graphite rotor rotary nozzle is made of high-purity graphite. In addition to considering that the bubbles should be dispersed, the nozzle structure also uses the centrifugal force generated by stirring the aluminum alloy melt to make the melt enter the nozzle and evenly mix with the horizontally sprayed gas to form a gas/liquid jet, increase the contact area and contact time between the bubble and the aluminum alloy liquid, and improve the degassing and purification effect.

2. The speed of the graphite rotor can be infinitely adjusted by the speed control of the inverter, and the speed can reach 700 rpm. The specification of graphite rotor is medium 70 mm ~ 250 mm, the impeller specification is medium 85 mm ~ 350 mm, and the high-purity anti-oxidation graphite rotor has the characteristics of high strength, high temperature resistance and aluminum flow corrosion resistance. In the process of purification and degassing, nitrogen is introduced to the surface of the aluminum alloy liquid in the box for covering protection, so that the part of the graphite rotor exposed to the aluminum alloy liquid is in an inert gas to prevent the rotor from being oxidized at high temperature and prolong the service life of the rotor.

3. The shape of the impeller is streamlined, which can reduce the resistance during rotation, and the friction and erosion force between the impeller and the aluminum alloy liquid are relatively small. As a result, the degassing rate is more than 50%, shortening the smelting time and reducing the production cost.