Graphite mold: performance characteristics of ZS-1021 graphite anti-oxidation coating

Graphite mold: ZS-1021 graphite anti-oxidation coating performance characteristics:

1. It can be directly coated on various wet or dry substrates, with simple structure, single composition, and can be directly coated after stirring evenly.

2. Strong adhesion to the base surface, the polymer in the coating can penetrate into the microcracks on the base surface, strong follow-up, high compactness and good water resistance.

3. The coating film has good flexibility, strong adaptability to matrix expansion or cracking, high tensile strength, good thermal expansion and contraction, good thermal shock frequency, and can be used under high and low temperature conditions for a long time.

4. Antioxidant paint is pure water paint, no volatile substances, green environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless, no pollution, harmless to the human body.



5. The modified coating has good weather resistance, no flow at high temperature, no cracking at low temperature, excellent aging resistance, oil corrosion resistance and penetration.

6. The coating is thin, the sealing coating is smooth and full, it has good self-cleaning performance, and it is a very decorative waterproof coating.

7. Strong air permeability, good exhaust performance, can well discharge the air inside graphite and porous materials, and can also well block the entry of external corrosive media to prevent the material from being oxidized.

After long-term feedback from customers, the application of graphite mold--ZS-1021 graphite anti-oxidation coating on graphite rotor can extend the service life of graphite rotor by at least 5 times, reduce the production cost of enterprises, and improve production efficiency.

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