Graphite cold iron manufacturers: the use of graphite plates, the use and performance of graphite electrodes

  Graphite cold iron manufacturers: the use of graphite plates, the use and performance of graphite electrodes

  Graphite cold iron manufacturers: the use of graphite plates

1. In the refractory smelting industry, graphite crucibles are made of graphite to make ingot protectants and smelting furnace magnesia carbon brick linings.

2. Conductive materials. In the electrical industry, graphite is widely used as a coating for electrodes, brushes, utility poles, carbon tubes and television picture tubes.

3. Wear-resistant materials and lubricants. Many mechanical devices use graphite as a wear-resistant and lubricating material, in the temperature range of -200~2000, graphite can rotate at a speed of 100 m/s without using or using lubricating oil.

4. Sealing material Flexible graphite is used in piston rings, gaskets and seals for centrifugal pumps, water turbines, steam turbines and equipment transporting corrosive media.

5. Corrosion-resistant materials use graphite as containers, pipelines and equipment, which can resist the corrosion of various corrosive gases and liquids, and are widely used in petroleum, chemical, hydrometallurgical and other departments.

6. Heat insulation, high temperature resistance, anti-radiation materials, graphite can be used as a neutron moderator for nuclear reactors, a nozzle for rockets, a nose cone for missiles, spare parts for aerospace equipment, heat insulation materials, anti-radiation materials, etc.

Graphite cold iron manufacturers: the use and performance of graphite electrodes

Graphite cold iron manufacturers believe that graphite electrode is a high-temperature resistant graphite conductive material. Do you know the purpose and performance of graphite electrodes?

Classification of graphite electrodes: general power graphite electrodes; High power graphite electrodes; quasi-high power graphite electrode; Ultra-high power graphite electrodes.



Graphite electrodes can be used in electric arc furnace steelmaking.

Graphite electrode materials are mainly used in electric furnace steelmaking. Electric furnace steelmaking is a study of the introduction of operating current into the furnace by graphite electrodes. The gas environment passes through the lower end of the electrode, and strong currents can affect the arcing discharge. The heat generated by the arc is used for melting. The capacity and diameter of graphite electrodes are different. If there is an electrode that can be used continuously, it is equivalent to a connection between the electrode plates. Graphite is used as an electrode material for steelmaking, accounting for about 70~80% of the total number of graphite electrodes in China

  Graphite cold iron manufacturers: What is the consumption mechanism of graphite electrodes?

1. Consumption at the end

These include the sublimation of graphite material caused by high arc temperatures, the loss of chemical reactions between the electric pole and molten steel and slag, and whether carbon is added by inserting molten steel into the electrode. The high temperature sublimation rate of the end mainly depends on the current density through the electrode, followed by the diameter of the electrode side after oxidation.

2. Lateral oxidation

The amount of oxidation at the side of the electrode is related to the unit oxidation rate and exposed area. In general, the amount of oxidation on the side of the electrode accounts for about 50% of the total electrode consumption. In recent years, in order to improve the smelting speed of the electric furnace, the frequency of oxygen blowing operations has been increased, and the oxidation loss of the electrode has been increased.

3. Final Loss

When the electrode is used continuously in the connecting part of the upper and lower electrodes, small electrodes and terminals, that is, due to the oxidation of the main body, the residue will become thinner, or cracks will penetrate, thus separating.

4. The electrode is broken.

Including the fracture of the electrode trunk and joint, the fracture of the electrode is related to the quality and processing ratio of the graphite electrode and the joint itself, and also related to the steelmaking operation.

5. Surface peeling and peeling.