What are the functions and benefits of graphite rotors? How is it different compared to other rotors?

What are the functions and benefits of graphite rotors?

Graphite rotor is an important material that is widely used in many industries. The functions and benefits of graphite rotors are summarized below:

1. Graphite rotor products have good adsorption.

The pore structure of carbon gives carbon good adsorption, so carbon is often used as an adsorption material to adsorb moisture, odor and toxic substances. Someone has done an experiment, the graphite rotor baking tray for barbecue looks very clean, but when heated on the induction cooker, you will see that the grease and harmful substances adsorbed during grilling will slowly seep out.

2. Graphite rotor products have good thermal conductivity, fast heat transfer, uniform heating and fuel saving.

The baking tray and pot made of graphite rotor are heated quickly, and the baked food is heated evenly, cooked from the inside out, and the heating time is short, which not only has a pure taste, but also locks in the original nutrients of the food. We've experimented. When we use a graphite baking tray to grill meat, the induction cooker can only preheat for 20-30 seconds when it starts to hit a high fire, and can only start baking food on a low heat, which is both useful and energy-saving.



3. Graphite rotor products have chemical stability and erosion resistance.

The graphite rotor has good chemical stability at room temperature and is not attacked by any strong acid, strong base or organic solvent. Therefore, even if the graphite products are used for a long time, the loss is very small, and it is the same as new if it is wiped clean.

4. Graphite rotor products have strong antioxidant and reducing effects.

Especially the graphite rotor mattress, after heating, will produce negative oxygen ions, activate the surrounding items, maintain human health, effectively prevent aging, and make the skin full of luster and elasticity.

What are the characteristics of graphite rotors compared to other rotors?

1. It can be used for 2 months in aluminum processing industries such as aluminum plate, aluminum foil casting, aluminum alloy wheels, etc.

2. The rotary refining deaerator can be divided into two modes: mobile and fixed, which are suitable for different operating environments.

3. The degassing rate is more than 50%, which shortens the smelting time and reduces the production cost.

4. It is suitable for the purification of aluminum liquid in crucible furnaces, ladles and electrostatic boxes.

5. After the surface is treated with oxidation, the service life is about 5 times that of ordinary products, and it is widely used in the aluminum alloy casting industry.

The graphite rotor rotary nozzle is made of high-purity graphite. The nozzle structure not only considers the bubbles to be dispersed, but also uses the centrifugal force generated by stirring the aluminum alloy melt to make the melt enter the nozzle and mix with the horizontally sprayed gas evenly to form a gas/liquid jet, increase the contact area and time between the bubble and the aluminum alloy liquid, and improve the degassing and purification effect.

The speed of the graphite rotor can be infinitely adjusted by the speed control of the frequency converter. The high-purity oxidation resistant graphite rotor has the characteristics of high strength, high temperature resistance and aluminum flow corrosion resistance. In the purification and degassing process, nitrogen is introduced to the surface of the aluminum alloy liquid in the box for cover protection, so that the part of the graphite rotor exposed to the aluminum alloy liquid is in an inert gas to prevent the rotor from being oxidized at high temperature and prolong the service life of the rotor.