Graphite cold iron manufacturers: the use of graphite plates, the use and performance of graphite electrodes


Graphite cold iron manufacturers: the use of graphite plates, the use and performance of graphite electrodes

Graphite cold iron manufacturers: the use of graphite plates

1. In the refractory smelting industry, graphite crucibles are made from graphite to make steel ingot protectants and magnesia carbon bricks lined in smelting furnaces.

2. Conductive materials, in the electrical industry, graphite is widely used as electrodes, brushes, poles, carbon tubes and TV picture tube coatings.

3. Wear-resistant materials and lubricants, many mechanical equipment use graphite as wear-resistant and lubricating materials, which can be bent at a speed of 100m/s in the temperature range of -200~2000, without using or not using lubricating oil.

4. Sealing materials use flexible graphite in centrifugal pumps, water turbines, steam turbines, piston ring gaskets, seals, etc. of equipment transporting corrosive media.

5. Corrosion-resistant materials use graphite as vessels, pipelines and equipment, which can resist the corrosion of various corrosive gases and liquids, and are widely used in petroleum, chemical, hydrometallurgy and other departments.

6. Heat insulation, high temperature, anti-radiation materials, graphite can be used as nuclear reactor neutron moderator and rocket nozzle, missile nose cone, aerospace equipment parts, heat insulation materials, anti-radiation materials, etc.

Graphite cold iron manufacturers: the use and performance of graphite electrodes

Graphite electrode is a high-temperature resistant graphite conductive material, do you know the use and performance of graphite electrode?

Graphite electrode classification: general power graphite electrode; High power graphite electrodes; quasi-high power graphite electrode; Ultra-high power graphite electrodes.





Graphite electrodes can be used in arc steelmaking furnaces

Graphite electrode materials can be mainly used for electric furnace steelmaking, electric furnace steelmaking is to study graphite electrodes into the furnace to introduce working current, at the lower end of the electrode through these gas environment, strong current will affect arc discharge, the use of arc heat for smelting, the size of the capacity, graphite electrode diameter is different, with electrodes that can be used continuously, and the connection between electrode electrodes is comparable, steelmaking graphite as an electrode material, accounting for about 70~80% of the total amount of graphite electrodes in China.

Graphite cold iron manufacturers: What are the consumption mechanisms of graphite electrodes?

1. Consumption of the end

Including the sublimation of graphite materials caused by high arc temperature, and the chemical reaction loss of the electric pole and molten steel and slag, whether the insertion of molten steel into the electrode increases carbon is also related, the high temperature sublimation rate of the end mainly depends on the current density through the electrode, followed by the diameter of the electrode side after oxidation.

2. Side oxidation

The oxidation amount of the electrode side is related to the unit oxidation rate and exposed area, in general, the oxidation amount of the electrode side accounts for about 50% of the total consumption of the electrode, in recent years, in order to improve the smelting speed of the electric furnace, the frequency of oxygen blast operation has been increased, and the oxidation loss of the electrode has been increased.

3. End loss

When the electrode is continuously used to the junction of the upper and lower electrodes, the small electrode and terminal, that is, the residue, will become thinner due to oxidation of the main body, or cracks will penetrate, and thus detach.

4. The electrode is broken

Including the breaking of the electrode torso and the fracture of the joint, the breaking of the electrode is related to the quality of the graphite electrode and the joint itself, the processing ratio, and also related to the steelmaking operation.

5. Surface peeling and falling blocks.

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