Graphite mold: the requirement for the density of raw materials for the production of graphite mold

  Graphite mold: the use of graphite electrode

Graphite electrode is a high-temperature resistant graphite conductive material, do you know the use and performance of graphite electrode?

Graphite electrode classification: general power graphite electrode; High power graphite electrodes; quasi-high power graphite electrode; Ultra-high power graphite electrodes.



Graphite mold: Graphite electrodes can be used in electric arc steelmaking furnaces

Graphite electrode material can be mainly used for electric furnace steelmaking, electric furnace steelmaking is to study graphite electrode into the furnace into the furnace to introduce working current, at the lower end of the electrode through these gas environment, strong current will affect arc discharge, the use of arc heat for smelting, the size of the capacity, graphite electrode diameter is different, with electrode can be used continuously, and the connection between electrode electrodes is comparable, steelmaking with graphite as an electrode material, accounting for about 70~80% of the total amount of graphite electrode.

Graphite mold: the requirement for the density of raw materials for the production of graphite mold

The density of graphite materials. High density is conducive to ensuring that the graphite mold has relatively high mechanical strength, avoiding its collapse phenomenon, and ensuring the service life. Because the graphite mold processing has a relatively strict grasp of the density level, and the requirements of the actual application scenario coincide, so that there will be no damage during use, at least in its own performance level will be significantly improved, to meet the density requirements that satisfy customers, processing different models will be more and more safe and stable, ensuring stable performance in this regard.