What are the requirements for selecting raw materials when processing graphite molds?

Generally speaking, when producing graphite molds, graphite materials will be selected for processing. Because after the variety of raw materials increases, we must carefully compare them in the selection process, in order to find the right one. However, in different mold uses, there will be different requirements for the selection of raw materials at this time, and its consistency will become higher and higher in the process of use, and it will become more and more firm and safe in the process of use. Therefore, what are the requirements for selecting raw materials?

1. The density of graphite materials. High density is conducive to ensuring that the graphite mold has relatively high mechanical strength, avoiding its collapse phenomenon, and ensuring the service life. Because the graphite mold processing has a relatively strict grasp of the density level, and the requirements of the actual application scenario coincide, so that there will be no damage during use, at least in its own performance level will be significantly improved, to meet the density requirements that satisfy customers, processing different models will be more and more safe and stable, ensuring stable performance in this regard.



2. The purity of graphite materials. High purity is conducive to preventing graphite molds made of graphite, which oxidize at high temperatures and produce many bubbles, which will affect the smoothness of the surface of graphite molds. The special environment has different requirements for the purity of graphite raw materials, and the difference in smoothness is still very large when used. In short, when comparing, we should control the purity points and details in this regard, and fully grasp the technical and technological level in this regard. Then, manufacturers should establish a strict raw material management mechanism in the processing process, and the selection is becoming more and more strict, in order to ensure that the quality level of the mold leaving the factory will be higher.

3. Particle size of graphite material. The smaller the particle size of the graphite particles, the smoother the mold cavity and the more beautiful the graphite mold made. It can be seen that the size of the graphite particle size has a great relationship with the smoothness of the mold cavity surface. The cavity of the graphite welding mold is a preset curved surface, and the smoothness of its surface will directly affect the effect of the graphite mold surface. There are different characteristics in terms of appearance structure, smooth performance, aesthetics and so on. This must be reasonably grasped when using this technical points, and the technical details of raw materials must be controlled.

In short, there are more and more manufacturers processing graphite molds, but a perfect management mechanism has been established from the selection of raw materials to ensure that the quality level of molds is getting higher and higher. Only in this way, in different uses to achieve a durable effect, the performance advantages and characteristics brought by it are also more prominent, and it is still very good to use.