To process graphite molds, why choose a special engraving machine?

At present, after the variety of graphite molds gradually increases, it is widely used in a wide range of applications, and the process requirements and material raw materials selection of each model will be different. Therefore, when processing graphite molds, it is necessary to fully use the appropriate engraving machine, in order to understand the technical details in all aspects. What are the main reasons for choosing a special engraving machine to process abrasives?

Reason 1: The adaptability to graphite raw materials is strong, and the quality requirements of processing are very high. Therefore, the use of cutting oil or water-soluble cutting fluid to form a confined space to wash away the graphite dust and isolate the dust from flying out; Features: wet cutting processing, machine sealing protection, three-axis double telescopic shield, built-in spindle oil curtain processing, upgraded graphite special filtration system. Then, such a engraving machine has significantly improved the quality and performance of the processed graphite mold, and it is also widely used.





Reason 2: The precision control of the engraving machine in the process of processing graphite molds will be more stringent. The graphite material is a heterogeneous brittle material, the macro hardness is relatively small, the clamping is easy to damage the datum, the positioning accuracy is poor, and the clamping error is large; Especially for some slender hole processing, the product accuracy requirements are high, and the inner step hole processing is difficult; Moreover, graphite products are mostly mold parts, such as graphite electrodes, 3D hot bending molds, etc., and product consistency requirements are high. Then, when processing different types of molds, it can be seen that it is more stable and reliable in terms of technical performance.

Reason three: Because the graphite material raw materials will have physical properties, processing difficulties, dust factors and other aspects of the gap or difference, then special engraving equipment should be selected in the processing process. In this way, the processing quality of graphite molds will be significantly improved, meet strict quality standards, and constantly upgrade and update in technical performance and safety stability, and achieve the goal of durability when used. In short, pay attention to the comparison and analysis of graphite material raw materials, in order to be more scientific and reasonable in the selection of engraving machine equipment.

Reason four: the protective device of the engraving machine equipment is more advanced, in the process of processing graphite mold produces a large amount of graphite dust, and these graphite dust will conduct electricity, Qingdao Sanlian Graphite Products Co., Ltd. graphite engraving machine protective device adopts a double-layer protection design, armor protective cover plus organ protective cover, effectively avoid the graphite dust generated during processing into the machine tool components. Only in this way there is a significant improvement in the protection performance. In short, the technical performance of the special is very stable, and the technical level will be very high.